[Idyllchat] Leiden to Brussels by Rail

Paul Nick pmnick@earthlink.net
Thu, 27 Mar 2003 19:58:35 -0500

One word of caution regarding this schedule.  The Intercity (IC) train 
from Den Hague to Brussels leaves once an hour (around a quarter past, 
if I recall correctly).  Our train from Leiden to Den Hague was delayed 
by 5 minutes, so we missed the first train and had to wait an hour to 
catch the second one.   The staff at the Leiden station will provide you 
with a schedule, so be sure to take a train from Leiden to Den Hague 
that arrives more than ten minutes before the IC train leaves.  The 
trains in Holland are wonderful overall, but we noticed they did tend to 
run late when you can least afford it!

(Rather than continuing to Brussels, we ended up switching trains in 
Antwerp and then heading to Brugge)

Another option, if you don't mind spending a little extra money and 
planning a day or so in advance, is to  book a ticket on the faster 
Thalys trains.  We stuck to our Holland Railpasses, so I really don't 
know much beyond the fact that the Thalys trains exist, but if you're 
pressed for time, they might be worth considering.

- Paul Nick

On Saturday, March 15, 2003, at 07:06  PM, anton47@juno.com wrote:

> Leiden to Brussels
> The Dutch Railway table (www.ns.nl ) shows that when one leaves Leiden 
> at
> 6.48AM ,the arrival in Brussels is at  9.10 AM. Departure at 7.48AM
> arrives at 10.10AM. There is one change in The Hague
> Returning at 6.50PM gets one back in Leiden at 9.16 PM. Leaving at7.50 
> PM
> returns at 10.16 PM with in both cases one change in The Hague.
> It can be done in one day.
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